Who is Foster(10) ?

Foster(10) has been developed for massage and body workers by massage therapists and estheticians. Foster(10) massage cream has broken the mold on your traditional massage cream, by replacing water with Aloe Vera juice. Our skin is a organ and we must take care of it as we would our heart or lungs.


Lets look at the benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

– Aloe Vera promotes hydration of the skin

– Aloe Vera gives your body the building blocks to replenish old cells and helps regeneration

– Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial

– Fights against Inflammation

– Boost Vitamin and mineral intake

– Has anti-aging properties

–  Reduces acne and blemishes

Really this list can go on and on and on like a Dr. Seuss book, but you get the drift. In addition to this we added some other really delicious elements, like Argan Oil ( you know that stuff that your hair stylist keeps nagging you to put in your hair, yep great for the skin too.), Arnica Extract, Shea Butter, Green tea Extract and plenty of other things to have your epidermis do a happy dance. We also don’t use the stuff that makes shutter. Our lotions are free of Parabens, Dyes and Perfumes. We also don’t use any tree nut oils.


Okay, so seriously what’s up with that name? Foster(10)?

Well apparently all of our creativity has been used up in our formulas. Foster(10) donates 10% of our annual profits to foster care charities. That’s it, no secret reason or inside joke. We do however have a bear on some of our products. Why? We nick named our daughter bear, so we put a bear on our stuff;  I guess that inside joke is out of the bag. If you would like to try a one ounce sample of our unscented massage cream just shoot us an email and we will rush to the post office to get it to you! I don’t have a picture of that size so here is one of the 8 OZ.

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