Weekly Massage Tips for the Professional Massage Therapist

To address the common trigger points associated with the SCM begin by palpating the SCM at the mastoid process with client in supine position. Starting at proximal aspect of the SCM follow the belly of the muscle down to the attachments on both the manubrium and the clavicle. Feel along the band of muscle for areas that may be more constricted, harder, than the areas immediately surrounding. Apply pressure only to the point of resistance. Hold pressure until you first feel the area loosen. Slowly reduce pressure and move on. Continue until you reach the flatter clavicular attachment on the upper surface of the clavicle.

Identifying the pain pattern is essential to proper client care. Pain pattern for trigger points within the SCM are; pain across the forehead, Homolateral pain deep in the ear, pain that may arch across the cheek and into the maxilla, over the supraorbital ridge. Vertex pain accompanied by scalp tenderness. scm trigger points

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