Hydrate For A Better Tomorrow

Keeping hydrated is the bedrock of good health, but what do you do when you hear the words ” I just don’t like the taste of water”. Look dumbfounded? Ask what they do like and hope they don’t say Soda, I have even had a client tell me the only way they can drink water, is if the ice melts in their soft drink.  I am lucky in that I prefer water to just about anything. If Starbucks ever discontinues their iced green tea I may cry. How do we encourage or clients and ourselves to drink water?

Pinterest has unlimited resources for health water infused alternatives. My favorite is Bare Water, they are constantly coming up with delicious water, fruit and even herb infused waters that are super easy and fast. Detox water cocktail    Who could resist these waters? Intruding infused waters not only increases the chance your clients will hydrate, it also gives them a fun way to ingest important vitamins and anti-oxidants.

The best way I have found to give my clients a chance to experience these amazing flavors is the have them bring their own glass BPA free water bottle and have a “flavor of  the day with the fruits and herbs at my clinic for them to try.

Try your own recipes and let me know what works best for you and your clients.