We at Foster(10) believe in making the best for an industry that promotes the ingrained desire to help any and all in need.

Foster(10) has been developed for massage and body workers by massage therapists and estheticians. Foster(10) massage cream has broken the mold on your traditional massage cream, by replacing water with Aloe Vera juice. Our skin is an organ and we must take care of it as we would our heart or lungs.

Foster(10) is and has always been a family business created by a massage therapist that wanted a better alternative than what was on the market. We create all of our products with the therapist at the heart of formulation. We have extensive testing to ensure that our product do not stain sheets or clothing. We have created a focus group of massage therapist and estheticians to test all new formulas.
Our values reflect those of an industry dedicated to helping. We annually donate 10% of profits to foster care charities. We are a company dedicated to these children who need a champion. Want to know more? Read our founders story on http://www.fostertencares.com.