Therapist Care with Thai Massage

We all know how Important our own health and wellbeing is, but how many of use actually follow thru with our this sage advise?

One of the best ways to keep myself centered and felling like myself is Self Thai Massage. Stretching  has always been part of my routine but incorporating Thai movements has allowed me to realign my meridians and help keep me in balance. Here are some tips for some of my favorite movements. Now if you have any pain while performing these stop. Seek a Doctor. These are merely for suggestion to eliminate tension associated with being a massage therapist, like you tell all your clients and I, Not a Doctor. Use your best judgement / speak to your doctor before performing any  stretching. Ok now that the legal aspect is out of the way…psoas


Movement 1) lie on your back with your arms out completely to your sides, your arms and sides should form a L. Keeping one leg straight with joints in alignment, bend the opposite leg over the straight leg and at right angle, now slightly turn your body away from the bent leg.

Movement 2) For the forearms that get tight, this move will help loosen the Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus, extensor carpi Radialis Brevis and Extensor Digitorm. With the arm at rest, either on a flat surface or arm rest, separate the fingers  and use Thumb pressure along the first and second energy lines. Use the fingers to create resistance while thumb pressure is being applied to stretch the muscles of the forearm.

Movement 3) Unless you use perfect body mechanics there is a chance your neck gets tight and sore from our forward head motion that comes with being a therapist. Sit cross-legged or anyway that is comfortable. Interlock your fingers behind your head above the Occipital bone. Apply gentle pressure using your thumbs to Splenius Capitis on both sides of spine. Pushing your head forward will increase the stretch. Monochrome picture Thai massage for keep healthy

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