Eyelash Extension Cleaning

If you have eyelash extensions you have had the lecture on keeping them clean right. You may have tried the whole baby shampoo and water mixture but then had that sticky, watery feeling all over your eye area, I know I did. Foster(10) has developed a eyelash extension cleaner that not only helps keep your lashes clean and beautiful, the ingredients have also been shown to help strengthen the natural lash.  That’s right, stronger lashes mean less fall out of the extension and possibly fewer or less fills. SHH… you may not want your eyelash specialist know about this. 


So what is in this magic bottle?20151202-foster-v5-037-transp


Aloe: If you can’t tell we love this stuff and put it in everything we can. Also Aloe has 6 natural antiseptics. Some preliminary evidence shows that aloe can even slow the aging of skin. If you are curious about other benefits of this wondrous plant then check out our previous blog about our massage cream.



Pomegranate: Yep, its tasty and trendy and amazing for you, that’s why we couldn’t leave it out.  Pomegranate is rich in anthocyanin and hydrousable tannins which have anti tumor properties. Here are a few more reasons we put it in our eyelash extension cleanser


 * cell regeneration

*sun protection

* anti-aging properties

*helps create youthful skin

*strengthens hair. Eyelashes are hair remember


Green Tea: Loaded with free radical fighting elements, green tea extract has the ability to protect against skin cancer. Green Tea also reduces inflammation and can help destroy any lingering toxins or bacteria that may be hiding in your pores.



Cucumber: We have all done it. Put cucumber slices over our tired eyes, we do it because it works. Foster(10) eyelash extension cleaner has it because it works and has for centuries. In addition to the time honored tradition Cucumber extract also improves complexion, tightens pores, rejuvenates skin and helps reduce hair fall out. Oh and it smells nice.



Chamomile: This anti-anxiety tea also helps reduce inflammation in the skin, said to be anti-cancer, have anti-aging properties, have anti allergic properties so its great even for the most sensitive of skins and is great for the most fragile of skin.


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