Social Media Marketing

We all know that social media is here to stay, but how do we tap into that massive revenue stream? I personally tried to resist the dark temptation that is the social media culture, but alas I too have succumbed to it’s fascinating song.

Navigating social media can be and is daunting, and hiring a SM firm to handle all things hashtag can get pricy so the alternative is to channel our inner 26 year old and learn this new language.

I am always looking for insight on the best things to post, when and where. There are peak hours in which posting gets the most exposure. Typically very early in the morning is the best time to post about specials, last minute openings or self help as this will be one of the first things on everyone’s mind as they go about their days.  I like to post funny memes around mid day as this is when most people are on a lunch break and immedetliy  scroll their news feed and need an emotional pick me up. This also reminds them of any specials I had posted earlier in the day.

Instagram and Pinterest are fantastic outlets for new products and services offered. Not only does this bring awareness to your company it also is a great tool to use as market research. Offering incentives for check-ins and posting by your customers is a frugal marketing strategy. People are always looking for referrals from their friends, why not have them post on a site and receive a small discount. Haciendo un autorretrato en un centro estetico,selfie en el spa.