Winter Skin Glows

The dry, cold winter seasons can wreck havoc on the delicate skin. Here are some ways to keep you and your clients skin hydrated in the winter months.

Stay Hydrated.    The first step to smooth glowing skin is from within. Dehydration inhibits proper organ function and we all know the epidermis is the largest organ in the body. Don’t like the taste or lack of taste in water? Try adding Lemon, Lime or other fruits to make it more appealing.Detox water cocktail

Avoid Hot Showers.  We are not suggesting cutting out showers altogether, but perhaps change the temperature to a warm or if you are in a already warmer climate to a cool temperature.

Lather on the Cream.  The best time to apply you favorite lotion or cream is directly after your shower when the skin is still damp. Look for products that contain hydrating properties such as Aloe Vera, Honey, Arnica, Jojoba and Glycerin. Avoid anything that contains perfumes or artificial colors.

Put on Sunscreen.  Adding sunscreen is a vital part of your daily skin care regime and not only continues to protect you from the harmful and damaging effects of the sun, but it also helps protect your skin from fringed wind and the colder air.

 Exfoliate. Sluffing off the dead, dry skin is key to keeping the skin looking and feeling soft and healthy. Choose a mild exfoliant that will not irate the skin. Keep in mind the smaller the granule the  more it intense the exfoliation.

EAT DARK CHOCOLATE. No, I’m not kidding. Dark chocolate contains nutrients that help improve circulation and dark chocolate contains antioxidants that help repair cell damage.

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